Chula Vista Resort

Tuesday    6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Enjoy a night of Drinks, Dinner & Dancing

Taste a bit of Wisconsin and sip some local brew. Plus enjoy a few tunes - and yes polka.


Learn about Wisconsin Cuisine

16 Food Traditions of Wisconsin

Brats - 
Wisconsin is the Bratwurst Capital of the World! What is it? A German sausage made from veal, beef or pork.

Beer - The state's strong brewing traditions have helped it cultivate one of the most active craft brew scenes in the country.

Cheese Curds - Also known as squeaky cheese. Makes a great bite just eaten by itself.

Booyah - A favorite here for over a 100 years. A hearty concoction of meat, broth and vegetables.

Pasty - A pastry stuffed with traditionally beef, potatoes, carrots and rutabagas. 

Kringle - The official pastry of Wisconsin! But this pastry version is sweet and often filled with fruit or nuts. 

Vendor Hospitality Suites

Tuesday    9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Then the fun heads to the individual hospitality suites in the condos. Don't worry, they'll all be together on the same floor so you can still find your NACE colleagues.