Networking Benefits

Networking Benefits

Need another reason to attend NACE 2018? How about Networking Opportunities!

Networking—such an overused word, but it works!

Business Networking is a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success or failure of other county road officials, and share your county’s practices with others.

Have you heard that you could try a hydraulic driver attached to an excavator to place H piles? How about helical piling for bridge abutments and repairs? You would if you belonged in Buchanan County, Iowa, Engineer Brian Keierleber’s network!

7 Benefits of Networking

1. Seek Advice

Having like-minded county road officials to talk to also gives you the opportunity to get advice from them on all sorts of things.

2. Encourage Mentors 

Seek out people with lots of experience who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Successful experienced county road officials are usually generous with passing along advice to younger engineers or those new to the profession.

3. Find Suppliers

Whatever sort of supplier you are looking for, motor grader, GIS solution, snow control equipment, bridge design firm, you will come across them all through your networks.

4. Get New Ideas and Innovations

Meeting and talking about county road practices is a fantastic way of learning new ways and innovative products. Early adopters are usually eager to share and promote the latest technology or method. You just need to figure out how to incorporate these great ideas into your county’s practices.

5. Improve Your Communication

Yes, even an engineer can take the initiative to get out there and introduce yourself to strangers. At first it can be hard, but practice and familiarity soon makes it second nature. Plus, it helps strengthen your confidence.

6. Feel Good

Yes, we get great satisfaction from helping someone else solve a problem they have and hearing about their fantastic results.

7. Make Great New Friends 

Although we initially focus on work conversations, we tend to talk about more relaxed, social topics eventually. Being around like-minded county road officials that want to exchange ideas regularly leads to strong friendships over the years.